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Founder schools

The Mastery approach was founded by headteachers, mathematics leaders and heads of mathematics working in schools in the ARK Schools network, all of which specialise in mathematics. The approach emerged from a mission to enable all children to succeed in mathematics and meet the network’s high aspirations for every pupil.

Founder primary schools

The approach was first piloted in the academic year 2010-11 by the three primary schools then in the ARK network: Globe, Ark and King Solomon. In 2011-12 they were joined by Oval, Conway and Atwood. Mathematics Leaders meet each half term to share best practice.

Globe Academy

Ark Academy

King Solomon Academy

Ark Conway Primary Academy

Ark Oval Primary Academy

Ark Atwood Academy

Founder secondary schools

The Mathematics Mastery Steering Group first met in 2011-12 with representation from seven schools within the network: King Solomon, Globe, Walworth, Charter, St.Alban’s, Evelyn Grace and Burlington Danes.  These schools have begun by collaborating on a shared curriculum framework for Key Stage 3 students, and meet every half term to review and develop the programme.

Globe Academy

Walworth Academy

Evelyn Grace Academy

Charter Academy

St Alban's Academy

King Solomon Academy

Burlington Danes Academy