Our primary programme

Professional development is at the heart of our programme. We empower and equip teachers to transform mathematics education for all learners

How to join the partnership

Where the programme begins

Primary schools usually begin the Mathematics Mastery programme in Year 1. Each year, the teaching programme is then continued into the next year group.

Mathematics Mastery is designed as a long-term approach, with impact building over time. We aim for our partner schools to eventually adopt the approach in all year groups, transforming mathematics teaching and learning across the entire school

A mastery curriculum - learning that builds

The Mathematics Mastery curriculum is developed by our team of experts and refreshed each year. We provide detailed programmes of study, focusing on depth of understanding, to encourage learning that builds.

Our curriculum framework is fully aligned to the 2014 National Curriculum, and is overseen by our Director, Dr Helen Drury, who was a member of the National Curriculum drafting team.

We listen to feedback from teachers and rigorously evaluate progress each year. This learning is used to improve our programmes of study year on year.

Classroom resources

We provide over 1,000 primary lesson guides, designed by our team of specialists. Our resources enable teachers to put the programme into action – day in, day out. They also encourage teachers to be creative and try out a variety of ideas in the classroom.

All of our key principles, along with every single recommendation we make in our training, are fully integrated into classroom materials.

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A teacher’s time is precious. We know creating flipcharts for interactive whiteboards is time-consuming, so we provide presentations in SMART Board and Activ Inspire formats for every maths lesson.

To minimise admin time, we also provide task sheets which can be easily printed for the class.

For every unit of learning, we provide online tutorials. These short videos fully explain the rationale behind tasks, and model key techniques within the unit.

All our classroom resources are made available through the Toolkit – our online hub for Mathematics Mastery partner schools.

Through the Toolkit teachers can download a vast range of resources, refresh their subject knowledge through e-learning modules and connect with other teachers via the forums. The Toolkit is constantly developed and updated to meet our partners’ needs.

Professional development

Leading a coherent, whole-school approach to mathematics is as challenging as it is vital.

Our training ensures headteachers, classroom teachers and teaching assistants are fully up to speed on our approach, and equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver the programme in the classroom.

In the first year of the partnership, training focuses on key principles, programme structure and strategic implementation. After this, we offer a training menu covering a wealth of topics. Sessions are timed to give the support and development you need, exactly when you need it.

Assessment tools

We know your chosen approach to assessment has enormous impact on pupil learning. We continually assess the state of the market, bringing our partner schools the most effective and up to date tools.

Vital assessment tools are included within the programme at no extra cost. We provide the Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment (PUMA) annual tests, published by Rising Stars, for use in Reception up to Year 6. These are standardised tests, enabling you to compare your pupils’ progress with pupils nationally.

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We also negotiate great discounts on additional, optional assessment tools. End of term PUMA tests are available to partners with a 25% discount. These are useful for schools who still want to report termly, using levels and standardised scores.

Our partner schools gain access to personalised assessment reports on the PUMA tests, with insights on pupil performance across curriculum strands, comparison within classes/cohort, and against the national average. Partner schools gain access to anonymised and aggregated analysis on how Mathematics Mastery schools have performed overall.

We have produced a set of Key Constructs for Years 1-6, based around the ‘big ideas’ in mathematics for each year group. They are national curriculum aligned and are designed to be used throughout the year.

We offer unit assessments for Years 1 to 6. These are used to support your teacher judgement in identifying which pupils have or have not understood concepts from each unit. We also provide interim pre and post half termly assessments, which assess the cumulative learning of pupils throughout the year.

Coaching and mentoring

Our partner schools are assigned a named Development Lead, who gets to know your school and understand your needs.

Meeting our team at summer induction training is the start of an ongoing relationship that strengthens throughout each year.

Your Development Lead will be in regular contact and will visit your school at least twice in the first year. They listen and respond to concerns, and work with you to co-develop plans and ensure the programme meets your needs. School visits focus on a development priority for your school, such as lesson design, action planning or observation and feedback.

Collaborative events and workshops

Partner schools attend National Leadership Days once a term. These events bring all our primary schools together, along with the Mathematics Mastery team, to engage in knowledge sharing and programme development.

We also hold conferences, featuring practical workshops on topical issues and a range of speakers – from mathematics specialists to eminent headteachers.

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During the first year in the partnership, schools participate in local cluster workshops. These practical sessions take place once a term, hosted by a different school each time.

Your Mathematics Mastery Development Lead facilitates collaboration and discussion within cluster groups, based on the needs of the schools involved.

These sessions are a great opportunity to learn from each other and share valuable experiences.

We encourage partners to continue collaborating with their cluster groups beyond the first year and provide resources to facilitate this.

We truly value the collaborative nature of the partnership. All our events and workshops provide opportunities for feedback and enable teachers to work together. We’re often told this is a true highlight of the partnership.

Are you ready to transform mathematics education in your school?

Are you ready to transform mathematics education in your school?

We partner with schools who are ready to make a long-term commitment to transforming mathematics education. Each year we accept a limited number of new schools into the Mathematics Mastery partnership. How to join
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