Dedicated to transforming mathematics education in the UK

We are a team of educators, researchers, project managers, communicators and mathematics enthusiasts. We have drawn on evidence and practice from all over the world to create the Mathematics Mastery approach.

What we do

Mathematics Mastery is a professional development programme for teachers.

We work in partnership with schools to embed a mastery approach to mathematics teaching.

We aim to improve pupils’ understanding, enjoyment and attainment in mathematics.

Our approach is based on research and internationally recognised practice, particularly drawing on evidence from Singapore and Shanghai.

Our key principles underpin all that we do. We have high expectations for every child. We teach fewer topics in greater depth. We emphasise problem-solving and conceptual understanding.

Our programme has three core elements:

  1. Professional development for teachers and senior leaders
  2. Curriculum resources for the classroom
  3. Opportunities for collaboration between teachers
Why are we needed?

Our vision is for every child to enjoy and succeed in mathematics, regardless of background.

Our mission is to transform mathematics education in the UK. We work in partnership to empower and equip schools to deliver world-class mathematics teaching.
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How we work

Mathematics Mastery is a partnership. We work with teachers, headteachers and senior leaders. We develop and empower them professionally, and enhance their mathematical understanding.

We equip our partner schools with the tools and resources to make the Mathematics Mastery approach work flexibly and effectively for their staff and pupils.

We listen to and consider the individual needs of our partner schools. We are constantly evolving and refreshing our programme content. Our teachers and their pupils are central to everything we do.

Our programme

Our story

Mathematics Mastery was originally established as a concept to support teachers and improve mathematics education. We’ve since expanded to work with hundreds of schools across the country.


The concept of a ‘mastery’ approach to mathematics education is developed.

We coin the term ‘Mathematics Mastery’ to describe the combination of our curriculum, teaching practice, key principles and focus on professional development of teachers.



The Mathematics Mastery partnership officially begins with 30 primary schools in Year 1.

The pioneer cohort consists of nine Ark primaries, and 21 other schools.

The Mathematics Mastery team grows to six people and our Advisory Group formed.

The team works towards launching the programme in secondary schools the following year.

Maths Hubs’ are launched, with a particular focus on supporting schools to adopt mastery principles. Mathematics Mastery is invited to be a strategic partner in this work.


The Mathematics Mastery secondary programme launches for the first time in Year 7.

The partnership grows to 114 schools (77 primaries and 37 secondaries).

The primary programme develops to include Reception and Year 2. The secondary programme begins its Year 8 pilot.

The Mathematics Mastery team doubles from 6 to 12 people.

The London Schools Excellence Fund provides support for more London schools to join the partnership.

The new National Curriculum is published, supporting key features of the mastery approach, such as challenging through depth rather than acceleration.


The Mathematics Mastery partnership grows to 192 schools (142 primaries and 50 secondaries).

The primary programme launches in Year 3, and the secondary programme launches in Year 8. The Year 9 pilot begins.

Dr Helen Drury’s book ‘Mastering Mathematics’ by is published by Oxford University Press.

The Mathematics Mastery team grows from 12 to 18 people.

The NCETM publishes a paper backing the mastery approach.


The Mathematics Mastery partnership grows to 265 schools (198 primaries and 67 secondaries).

Positive results of the EEF funded randomised controlled trial assessing impact of the mastery approach on pupil progress are released.

The primary programme launches in Year 4 and the secondary programme launches in Year 9. The Year 10 pilot begins.

Mathematics Mastery receives support from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the Garfield Weston Foundation – enabling us to expand into more regions, and develop the programme.

The Mathematics Mastery team grows from 18 to 24 people.


The Mathematics Mastery partnership grows to 367 schools (264 primaries and 103 secondaries).

The primary programme launches in Year 5 and the secondary programme launches in Year 10. The Year 11 pilot begins.

Meet the team

Our expertise

Mathematics Mastery was the first organisation in the UK to adapt a Singapore style of mathematics teaching for UK schools, and call it a mastery approach. It remains the only partnership programme of its kind today.
Dr Helen Drury, founder and Director of Mathematics Mastery, is a leading expert on mathematics education – selected as a member of the 2014 National Curriculum drafting group and author of ‘Mastering Mathematics’.
The Mathematics Mastery approach is highly regarded by education experts, including leading multi-academy trusts, headteachers, and Ofsted – who have highlighted the outstanding progress made by pupils.
Interested in joining the programme?

Interested in joining the programme?

We partner with schools who are ready to make a long-term commitment to transforming mathematics education. Each year we accept a limited number of new schools into the Mathematics Mastery partnership. How to join
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