Ark Atwood and Mathematics Mastery win TES award

Blog: Dr. Helen Drury, Director of Mathematics Mastery

Ark Atwood and Mathematics Mastery win TES award

Posted: 8/07/14

“This is simply an example of the brilliant application of a brilliant programme achieving brilliant results. Well done.”

This was the TES Judging panel’s verdict last Friday, 4th July, at the TES Schools Awards 2014 where Ark Atwood, in association with Mathematics Mastery, received the Numeracy and Maths Award.

They dived straight into using the approach, following our principles, using and adapting the resources and engaging with the integrated professional development to deliver excellent maths teaching, resulting in impressive progress for all pupils. They have also played an important role in the Maths Mastery community by collaborating online, sharing, reflecting and taking part in panel meetings and clusters. The results Ark Atwood have seen in this short time demonstrates that the Maths Mastery teaching framework and approach will enable every child reach their true mathematics potential.

Ark Atwood is in a poor area of West London, where it’s catchment area has a long legacy of educational underachievement. Many students begin Key Stage 1 with low attainment and some 35% of its intake are eligible for free school meals. TES judges discovered, “Within one year of implementing the programme, the school’s Year 1 students were achieving well beyond national expectations. Most strikingly, all students reacted positively to Mathematics Mastery; the achievement gap between free school meals students and their peers was no statistically significant.”

Daniel Upfield, Headteacher of ARK Atwood received the award, along with Stephanie Lester, Year 1 teacher and Sara Castledine, Head of School Development at Maths Mastery. Daniel commented, “It’s wonderful to receive this recognition of the work we have done. I want to thank our maths teachers and the Maths Mastery team for their hard work, you can really see how our pupils have developed their numeracy skills over the past year.”

This is a well-deserved recognition for both Ark Atwood and Maths Mastery, who have proven the difference both Mathematics Mastery and dedicated teaching can make in all pupils’ maths education.









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