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Why are we needed?

We’re proud of the work our talented and dedicated teachers do each day. However, the UK faces huge challenges in tackling underachievement in mathematics. This has serious implications, both for individuals and society. Poor performance in maths results from a combination and accumulation of barriers and disadvantages.

A third of pupils in the UK still fail their mathematics GCSE at age 16.
Source: National Numeracy

Nearly a quarter (23%) of UK students are low performers in mathematics.
Source: PISA 2015 Report

A socio-economically disadvantaged pupil is five times more likely to be a low performer in mathematics than an advantaged pupil.
Source: OECD

1 in 4 UK adults believe school maths did not prepare them well for maths in everyday life.
Source: National Numeracy

The UK is ranked 26th in the world for mathematics attainment.
Source: PISA 2015 Report

Boys continue to outperform girls in mathematics in the UK.
Source: PISA 2015 Report

Around 26% of skills shortages nationally result from a lack of numeracy skills.
Source: OECD