Bordesley Green Girls' School

“We believe our younger students – who’ve been taught Mathematics Mastery from the start – will bring the change in mathematics achievement we need to see.”

Nilaish Sharma | Head of Mathematics

Our school joined the Mathematics Mastery partnership in 2014 and we absolutely love it. The enthusiasm of our staff and students is clear to see, and there’s been a total transformation in mathematics teaching at Year 7 and 8.

We are passionate in our belief that the start of secondary school is the key time for embedding key mathematical concepts, building problem solving skills and really getting students to talk about maths. It’s been a real highlight to see this come to life through the programme.

The programme is having significant impact. Students are now extremely positive about maths, and it’s become a very popular subject. Staff are amazed at how enthusiastic the kids are about Mathematics Mastery.

Before joining the partnership, we used to think of Year 9, 10 and 11 as GCSE preparation years, and Year 7 and 8 as ‘settling in’ years. Now it’s completely changed. Our focus in Year 7 and 8 is training the students to approach mathematics in a different way. We have a ‘bottom up’ attitude rather than relying on interventions in later years.

We firmly believe our younger students – who have been taught the Mathematics Mastery approach from the start – will bring the change in mathematics achievement we need to see. We’re extremely excited about their GCSE results in a few years’ time.

We can already see a marked difference among our students. Our older students are still quite traditional in how they approach maths. They can be quite reserved, less inclined to ‘have a go’, and less talkative about the ideas and topics. In Year 7 and 8, the culture surrounding mathematics learning is completely different.

At the moment we’re the only secondary school in our area doing the programme but other local schools are interested. They’re coming to us and asking what we’re doing and why it’s working so well.

The training and support we receive from Mathematics Mastery is brilliant. I really value the two-way relationship. School visits provide a vital opportunity for constructive feedback on how we can improve. Meeting other teachers, sharing experience and planning together is a real bonus.

I genuinely feel Mathematics Mastery is what good maths teaching is all about. Our goal is to continue embedding the approach across all our year groups. This is how we intend to grow as a school and maths department.

I genuinely believe all teachers could benefit from the professional development Mathematics Mastery provide – I’m that impressed by it.

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