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Bolingbroke Academy

“The CPA approach has been vital in demonstrating how fun, accessible and enjoyable maths can be”

Sally Davidson | Maths teacher

The Mathematics Mastery programme has significantly improved my confidence as a maths teacher.

When teaching fractions for the first time, the latest resources were vital in deepening my own understanding of how to approach this topic in a totally new way. My students were then able to understand and enjoy the lessons, whilst being constantly challenged.

My Year 7 class love playing with manipulatives as part of the Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach. This has been a vital step in demonstrating how fun, accessible and enjoyable maths can be. At the same time, it really enhances their deeper conceptual understanding of different topics. Now they request to use them at the start of lessons. They are genuinely excited about maths!

The professional development is a highlight of being in the Mathematics Mastery partnership. I love being able to talk to other teachers during the training sessions. Sharing experiences, learning and best practice – as well as doing the maths – gives me lots of ideas to take back into my lessons.

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