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Meredith Infant School

“We have demonstrated that perseverance pays off and are proud of what we have achieved”

Laura Donaldson | Early years and maths lead

We first encountered Mathematics Mastery when working closely with Shacklewell Primary School in London.

We were recently out of special measures, and concerned by gaps in our children’s mathematical understanding. We were determined to build our growth mindset and make significant improvements – so we applied to become a partner school and were delighted to be accepted.

Roll on our first training sessions in London. We knew straight away that the practical emphasis on doing and talking about mathematics, as well as a curriculum which spends longer on fewer topics, would appeal to our children.

By September we felt ready to go, with an abundance of lovely new resources and time allocated for training and support. We chose our songs, set up our Maths Meetings boards and we were off. Or so we thought.

All too soon it felt like the rug had been pulled from under us. Year 1 struggled with the new approach and our Early Years children found it tricky to remember who their partner was, let alone speak to them in full sentences!

Experienced practitioners felt they had less ownership of what they were delivering and struggled to adapt. The passion for Mathematics Mastery was still there, but the confidence that we could make it work was fading.

I contacted our Development Lead, Liane, in the Mathematics Mastery team, and she was immediately on the case to help. It was a wonderfully positive experience and she really understood our concerns, providing the expertise and reassurance we needed.

When Liane came for a scheduled school development visit, we realised we were actually doing much better than thought and I was reassured about my judgments and knowledge. I also received informative reading based on our identified needs, which I’ve used in subsequent training alongside the online resources.

Now it’s fantastic to see the routines embedded. We hear the children demonstrating their depth of understanding and talking about maths in full sentences. We’ve also noticed this approach transferring into other areas of learning.

We are raring to go for next term, and understand that the challenges of the first term have helped us to really understand the programme. We have demonstrated that perseverance pays off and are proud of what we have achieved!

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