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Federation of Grazebrook, Shacklewell and Woodberry Down

“Good leadership has played a central role in our Mathematics Mastery success”

Michelle Thomas | Executive Headteacher

My schools joined the Mathematics Mastery partnership at different times and for different needs. Grazebrook and Shacklewell were pioneer schools and joined in 2012. Woodberry Down joined the federation in 2014 and started teaching Mathematics Mastery that September.

In 2012, Grazebrook was already an outstanding school with high attainment in maths, but we wanted a way to stretch our pupils further. By contrast, Shacklewell was a low performing school and maths attainment was poor.

We were introducing Mathematics Mastery in very different environments but what we learnt was that consistency of approach across the schools was key to success. It makes sense when you realise that what we are really doing is promoting the essence of good teaching.

We consider our federation to be a mini Mathematics Mastery network. We share ideas, resources and teaching practice. We have our own mini cluster meetings and devote INSET time to working on the approach jointly. My teachers know exactly how to implement Mathematics Mastery across the federation.

Good leadership has also played a central role. My senior leaders have all been to Mathematics Mastery training and it’s their job to drive and support the approach in each school. We’ve found maths leaders who are good at inspiring others and see the value in sticking with the principles. Our internal leads champion the approach with all teachers, and take the lead in observing and making improvements.

I’ve seen huge changes in both pupils and teachers. My teachers understand maths better, are driven to achieve in maths and are better able to explain their teaching. I’m proud of the results my pupils have achieved, but perhaps more excitingly, the pupil feedback I receive tells me they overwhelmingly think maths is fun.

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