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Thomas’s Academy

“Both junior and experienced teachers can use the resources and training in a way that works best for them!”

Miles Chester | Headteacher

We’re always looking for new approaches that will have a positive impact on our pupils, so in 2012 we joined the Mathematics Mastery partnership as a pioneer school.

I liked the fact that Mathematics Mastery was cutting edge but would be monitored closely and is based on educational research. Maths attainment in our school was already good but I wanted to find ways to take this to the next level.

It’s not easy introducing a new classroom approach and I didn’t take the decision lightly. It was helpful that we were guided in introducing the programme to Year 1 only to start with. This gave us a chance to get to grips with the principles before rolling out across the whole school.

Mathematics Mastery expect us to show commitment to the programme for the whole year. We turn up to collaborative sessions and put time and effort into making school visits from our Development Lead worthwhile. Like with any school improvement effort, it took extra resources and time to make it work. But it’s definitely been worth it and I understand why there was such an emphasis on engagement and commitment.

What’s been interesting for me is seeing how really experienced teachers and more junior teachers can both use the resources and training in a way that works best for them.

It’s worked well with very different teachers. As a headteacher I’m always trying to ensure my staff are supported and have access to professional development. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the teachers develop their pratice.

We’ve had measurable improvement in maths attainment. For the first time ever in 2012, our Year 1 class were all on track with expected progress – that had never happened before. And perhaps even more importantly, my pupils enjoy maths. They get really excited when they find out that maths is next!

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