Ark Conway Primary Academy

“The principles are so strongly embedded in the materials that I’m always drawing on the training when I teach”

Rebecca Carver | Year 1 classroom teacher

When we joined the partnership, I went for a day of induction training. We had really intensive sessions on the principles of the programme and I was able to discuss the approach with teachers from other schools.

At first I was a bit daunted trying to implement everything we’d been taught, especially as an NQT. But the principles are embedded so strongly in the curriculum and teaching materials that I’m always drawing on the training when I teach.

One of the hardest things about being a teacher is making sure you keep developing and learning whilst also fitting in a busy teaching schedule. Mathematics Mastery makes it easy for me to bring new learning into the classroom. I’ve found the online tutorials particularly helpful – it’s like having a really keen teaching partner! I revisit the tutorials frequently during the unit so I’m constantly reinforcing the principles.

I’ve also been regularly to cluster sessions, where we meet with teachers in other schools to discuss aspects of the curriculum. It’s been reassuring and inspiring to find out what other people are doing. I’m still in touch with some teachers I met at launch training and we’ve been to visit each other’s schools and observe lessons. It’s been great to make a new network of colleagues.

I definitely have more confidence now than when I started. It’s always been clear that the whole point of the Mathematics Mastery principles and materials is to provide a framework for each teacher to adapt for their own pupils. I’m now much more flexible and inventive about the way I teach.

I like that I’m part of a new approach to teaching maths that gives you the time, space and tools to really understand not just what you’re teaching, but why you’re teaching it.