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Kingsbury Green Primary School

“Our Mathematics Mastery success was evident from our ‘outstanding’ Ofsted Report”

Jo McDermott | Assistant Headteacher

We joined the Mathematics Mastery partnership in 2013 with the aim of tackling gaps and inconsistencies in number across the school.

During this time, pupil engagement, confidence and understanding of number has really grown. The programme’s emphasis on language has also had a strong influence on our pupils’ reasoning skills.

Our success on the Mathematics Mastery programme was evident from our ‘outstanding’ Ofsted Report earlier this year. Inspectors highlighted how pupils make ‘outstanding progress from their starting points’ in mathematics, and a previous trend for ‘weak mathematical skills’ when pupils start Year 1 had been ‘completely reversed’. We were thrilled with this outcome and are now in a position to model best practice for other schools.

Since joining the partnership, we’ve also seen a huge impact on our teachers. Colleagues are highly engaged with the subject and confidence is high. Recent monitoring also showed strong subject knowledge; this was, in part, supported by the programme’s e-learning modules. The six-part lesson structure and accompanying planning materials have also provided crucial support for our new to teaching staff.  One of our NQTs recently confided that she had once dreaded teaching maths but since adopting the Mathematics Mastery approach, it’s now her favourite subject to teach!

Over time, we have learnt to adapt the rich and detailed planning materials to suit the needs of our children and we are creative with our timetabling. Year groups plan together on a weekly basis and use end of day reviews to evaluate pupil outcomes before planning for next steps. Additional adults are used for timely and immediate intervention to allow all children to work at the same pace.

The programme currently runs from Reception up to Year 3. However, we have adopted a whole school approach; in addition to the daily maths lesson, each year group also has a timetabled daily ‘Maths Meeting’ to develop mathematical fluency.

All teachers use the Concrete Pictorial Abstract to support the mastery approach. Language development and communication skills to support reasoning are now promoted in all subjects, across the entire school – not just in Mathematics.

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