Hazelwood Integrated College

“We get so much out of the one-to-one coaching because it’s built entirely around our needs”

Kieran Coyle | Head of Maths

Now, it’s the complete opposite. There is a buzz of excitement and enjoyment around mathematics. This is really noticeable when people come to visit the school, and was highlighted during a recent school inspection.

We’ve really embedded the growth-mindset into our day to day learning. Students are no longer afraid to have a go at maths and they now enjoy problem-solving. Through adoption of the mastery approach, we’ve been able to demonstrate mathematics as something to be discovered and have fun with.

One of the best aspects of the programme is the personalised approach. When our Development Lead comes to visit us, we work together beforehand to agree which areas we need support on. We use the opportunity to address any challenges and topics we need help with. We get so much out of this one-to-one coaching because it’s built entirely around our needs.

Two years on, we’re now far more confident in adapting the programme to suit our staff and students. We’ve learnt to be more creative with the resources and come up with new ideas of our own. This has really taken our enjoyment of the programme to the next level.

When I see my new colleagues teaching on the programme for the first time, I realise how far I’ve come personally and professionally as a mathematics teacher. We are always there to support each other as a team and share our learning and experiences, and the programme facilitates this brilliantly.

When I take a step back and look at where we are now as a school, the significant impact of the Mathematics Mastery programme is clear to see.