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“The progress of our Year 10s has been astounding compared to previous year groups”

Becky Steer | Head of Maths

Since adopting the Mathematics Mastery approach as a pioneer school in 2012, our students are no longer daunted by mathematics.

This has absolutely been the biggest highlight and turnaround. Students talk about maths, enjoy their lessons, engage with concepts, and tackle problems that previously they wouldn’t even attempt. They contribute in lessons and are willing to speak up which they didn’t used to do.

Our Year 10 students (who started the programme in Year 7) are confident in their mathematical understanding and skill. They demonstrate their ability to problem-solve and their ability to explain the mathematics. They don’t give up and they’ve learnt to push themselves.

There is a real buzz in maths lessons now. Students are talking about concepts, using manipulatives and having fun as they learn.

The impact has been so great that our Year 10s are now outperforming our Year 11s. Their progress has been astounding compared to other year groups, and they really are leaps ahead of even the top and middle attaining Year 11 students.

As a maths department, we attend Mathematics Mastery training sessions regularly. I bring a different member of staff with me each time, so everyone can benefit from the maths-specific professional development.

The best bit about the training is how time for lesson planning is factored in. When I get back to my school, the planning is done and ready. No time is wasted and no huge amounts of extra work are created. I can go back to my team and say ‘look at all these amazing resources and this is how I suggest we roll them into lessons this term’. Being able make immediate changes after training, without a need for a huge amount of additional work, is really positive and keeps us on our toes.

Being a Mathematics Mastery partner is a huge selling point for new staff. We have a large amount of NQTs/trainees in our team, and many of them chose to come and work with us because of Mathematics Mastery.  They do their research and often mention that Mathematics Mastery was a key attraction when applying for the job.

Mathematics Mastery gives me the structure, ideas and support to ensure our department is at the top of its game. As I’ve been following the approach since I was an NQT, I can’t imagine teaching maths any other way – and I certainly wouldn’t want to. Our original Mathematics Mastery cohort will be doing their GCSEs in summer 2017 and that is extremely exciting.

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