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Parklands High School

Pupils are challenged and engaged by the activities that have been introduced (Ofsted, 2018)

Angela Johnson | Head of Mathematics

We became a Mathematics Mastery partner in 2016, after I took over as Head of Maths. Our Department is now completely different, and our GCSE results have massively improved. Mathematics Mastery has been a big part of our transformation, although currently only students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are learning directly through the Mathematics Mastery programme.

It’s really changed how we teach. From Day 1, I was committed to making sure our implementation of the Mathematics Mastery programme worked. There’s a lot for teachers to take on at first, particularly on manipulatives and multiple representation. We do peer support and joint teaching. But the effort has brought rewards.

Staff feel more confident now and it has all really helped the students. Our questioning has really improved, and Mathematics Mastery’s emphasis on specific language is really helpful. If you don’t have the vocabulary, you can’t communicate the concepts. It helps with dealing with misconceptions.

Pupil enjoyment has been strong since the programme was introduced. At our parents’ evenings the children speak really highly of maths to their parents.

The impact of our better maths teaching was highlighted by Ofsted inspectors, who said:

“The improvements in the curriculum and learning can be seen clearly in mathematics, where pupils’ progress has improved considerably. …

“(A) focus for the inspection was the reasons behind the improving trend in mathematics. The restructuring of the mathematics department has clearly brought about success for pupils. Pupils’ work shows that the strong progress that pupils made in 2017 has been maintained. The new and enthusiastic mathematics leadership team has clearly identified actions required for improvement and acted promptly. Pupils are challenged and are engaged by the activities that have been introduced in the school’s new curriculum.” Ofsted (2018).

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