We’re adapting our programme to help you close gaps:

Learn more about our how our school-based programmes are being adapted for primary here and secondary here during these difficult times.

Our new programme is here to help support you in September

Mathematics Mastery, a programme from Ark Curriculum Plus, is used by more than 300 primary schools across the UK to give non-specialist primary school teachers confidence in their approach to maths. Now, we've adapted the way that we deliver our programme to offer regular guidance and support in the gradual return to schools.

From September, we will introduce each unit of Mathematics Mastery at fortnightly Staging Posts via our new online platform, MyMastery.

Before each unit, you can access topic-specific subject and pedagogical knowledge to keep children on track and develop the skills needed to adapt your teaching when they are not.

Prices start from £1,350 per key stage, with further discounts available for small schools.

Learn more about our packages below or book a call  and speak to us about the right package for your school.

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Our Mastery Approach

Ours is the only UK maths programme to have had its impact shown by an Education Endowment Foundation trial and our teachers repeatedly tell us what a difference our programme is making. 

We’re developing new subject programmes too

Our maths programme has grown out of Ark’s desire to use the strongest curriculum and pedagogic approaches in its schools.
Alongside Mathematics Mastery, curriculum programmes have been developed in Ark’s primary schools to support the teaching of Geography, History and Science.
Express your interest and we will keep you updated as we continue to develop our programme in response to the impact of the pandemic on schools.