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How Mathematics Mastery is collaborating to support children through the pandemic

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How Mathematics Mastery is collaborating to support children through the pandemic

Posted: 28/04/20

In a quick response to the news of imminent school closures, Ark Curriculum Plus, providers of Mathematics Mastery and English Mastery, released ten weeks’ worth of free, print-able, carefully sequenced resources for all children to use.

The resources are suitable for children in Reception up to the end of Year 9 for study of maths and English. They were print-able for all students to be given to work on from home shortly before schools closed.

Like many education organisations across the country, we continued to look for ways to minimise disruption to children’s learning following the closure of schools in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For us, this has involved working in parallel with Ark to support its development of ABC @ Home, a framework for the 27,000 children who would usually be in one of Ark’s schools.

Ark’s ABC @ Home has been built on the principle that school cannot be replicated at home. Rebecca Boomer-Clark, Director of Secondary Education at Ark Schools, explains that they “had to carefully consider what could be meaningfully done at home, and what we needed to prioritise to ensure that young people and their parents could do it.”

The framework focuses on supporting students to develop routines that are sustainable and healthy with achievable goals and it draws on the best available resources, including from Mathematics Mastery and English Mastery, to avoid reinventing the wheel.

You can read more about Ark’s approach in its blog series.

Mathematics Mastery also provided its primary maths curriculum to Oak National Academy, an online school that been created by 40 teachers from across England.

Our support has included the creation of a sequential curriculum for primary maths and delivery of five online lessons per week, complete with videos and short quizzes.

Anthony Latham, Mathematics Mastery’s School Development Lead, has led the Primary Mathematics Mastery programme’s involvement in Oak National Academy.

As Anthony explains, “The structure of our lessons fits nicely into an online structure and the coverage of objectives is totally consistent.

“The major challenge, of course, is not having the children in front of you. It is far more difficult to address misconceptions and respond to students’ different needs.

“This is an unsettling time though so if we can produce materials that allow teachers, parents and pupils to build up a routine and have the opportunity to develop their maths skills while at home then we have had an impact.”

The team at Mathematics Mastery has now turned its attention to designing abridged curricula and creating bespoke intervention tools to support its partner schools in helping children catch up once school returns.

If you would like to know more about our work to support schools, tweet us @MathsMastery. Use the hashtag #MasteryAtHome to share your experience of using our resources.

If you’d like to know how Ark Curriculum Plus can support your school to help children catch up when schools return, email us at info@mathematicsmastery.org.


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