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Frequently Asked Questions in relation to COVID-19

We understand things are changing daily in relation to COVID-19 and are committed to doing our best to supporting our schools, teachers, parents, guardians and pupils for as long as disruption continues. Below are some preliminary answers and details around our upcoming events, programme plans and more.

School visits

Q: My Development Lead was due to visit me this term, will this still be going ahead?

A: We will not be visiting any schools before the end of the summer term. The in-person school visit will be replaced by a phone or video call and we will be in touch to arrange this.


Q: Will Leadership of Maths training and the PD days still be going ahead at the end of April?

A: The planned face to face sessions have been cancelled but we will hold remote sessions and will send out more information on these shortly for teachers to connect to from their computer at home or in school.

Q: Will the MM celebration event be going ahead?

A: Unfortunately this event has had to be cancelled. We will share the good news stories through email and social media instead and we enourage teachers and senior leadership team members to share their stories with us over email or Twitter.

Q: If the training does not go ahead in person and is instead delivered remotely, will we be refunded some of the programme cost?

A: The full training offer will be made available as a combination of remote sessions in the summer term, face to face in the autumn and online training resources. With the full offer available by other means, no refund will be offered.

Q: Will Mathematics Mastery and English Mastery deliver on all the programme elements we have signed up for?

A: We are investigating how best to deliver everything that is offered as part of the programme. We intend to deliver all of the key components of our programmes through a mix of remote online training opportunities, phone or video calls and access to our resource libraries.


Q: Can I have early access to resources to help plan ahead for September?

A: Schools that have signed up to join the programme from September 2020 will be given early access to the content that is currently available.

Q: What is the plan for the curriculum in September? Should students complete the units they missed in the summer term?

A: There is some flexibility in the curriculum which allows for the pace of delivery to change, and a pragmatic approach should be taken. We are working to produce guidance to schools to help them manage the delivery of as much of the curriculum as possible with the time they have in the summer or in the autumn.

If there is something specific you need to speak to one of our team about, please contact us via email at iinfo@mathematicsmastery.org