Our response to coronavirus (COVID-19):

To find out how we can help your students through the coronavirus crisis, please read here.

Free resource page

Following the announcement of school closures from Friday 20 March, we are providing well-sequenced resources, to help reduce disruption to learning.

Experts at Ark Curriculum Plus, working across Mathematics Mastery and English Mastery, have designed a selection of resources to use at home. We want to make sure children still get opportunities to talk and learn with someone every day. Below are resources and guidance that can be used to provide daily sessions for learners from Reception to Year 9.

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To use the resources, download, print and pass them to parents and learners in the relevant year group for them to work on at home.

Early Years and Key Stage One resources 

Learning packs for parents/guardians to guide daily 15-20 minute sessions for young learners.


Y1 Printable packs 

Y2 Printable packs 

Key Stage 2 resources 

There are two maths packs for each year group, one is all of the guidance pages and the other is all of the pupil facing resources. These need to be provided together. The pupils packs do not make sense without the guidance. To reduce printing, the guidance packs can be shared digitally as they contain embedded video links.

Y3 Printable packs 

Y4 Printable packs 

Y5 Printable packs 

Y6 Printable packs 

Key stage 3 resources 

These are easy to follow for student self-study.



Interactive Poetry Quiz

Feedback or questions

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at partnerships@arkonline.org