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How Salesforce is supporting us reach out to students in disadvantaged areas

Blog: Joe Sarchet-Winters, Head of External Relations

How Salesforce is supporting us reach out to students in disadvantaged areas

Posted: 5/12/19

Our programme will receive $750,000 to extend our reach further into Opportunity Areas around the UK and to enhance our programmes to meet the problem of poor maths provision in many secondary schools.

The funding will enable us to deliver our programme to 9,000 more students from areas with high levels of disadvantage and for hundreds of teachers to receive much-needed and desired subject specific professional development.

Dr Helen Drury, Founder of Mathematics Mastery, said, “Our Mathematics Mastery programme is built on a belief in one curriculum for all to end disadvantage. We know that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are five times more likely to be low performers in mathematics, leaving them in a vicious cycle.

“This new partnership with Salesforce will provide match-funding that enables us to offer our non-profit programme to new partner schools in Opportunity Areas around the UK and to continue growing our impact among the most disadvantaged. We’re hugely grateful to Salesforce for the support.”

A randomised control trial run by the Education Endowment Foundation trial found that the our approach gives students one additional month’s progress in maths each year and the network of 6,000 maths teachers regularly report significant success using the programme.

Ruth Patrick, Year 7 Mathematics Coordinator at Cramlington Learning Village in Northumberland, said, “When we gave our Year 7s last year’s GCSE paper, the impact of Mathematics Mastery on their understanding and resilience was clear. We gave them the paper to see what they could do with it. The results were impressive. Nearly 80% achieved their end of year target – which is higher than our Year 11s – and more than 50% exceeded it.”

The news of this funding comes hot on the heels of the latest PISA findings which have seen the UK rise from 27th to 18th in global rankings for maths education since PISA’s last announcement three years ago. Much of the UK’s progress in maths is being attributed to the mastery approach which we pioneered in 2012, based on international evidence of success emerging at the time.

Michael Clark, Deputy CEO of Ark, added, “We are thrilled to receive this grant from Salesforce to support Mathematics Mastery. It builds on an existing relationship that already sees Salesforce volunteers supporting hundreds of Ark sixth form students with interactive workshops designed to prepare students for joining today’s tech-driven business world. Ark’s partnership with Salesforce goes from strength to strength.”

Today’s funding announcement was made during the opening of the Salesforce Tower London Ohana Floor, a new top-floor hospitality space available for free to charities on weeknights and weekends, near Liverpool Street station, at an event involving London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

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