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Mathematical thinking can get students back on track for the new normal 

Blog: Mathematics Mastery, Team

Mathematical thinking can get students back on track for the new normal 

Posted: 29/05/20

On Wednesday, 20 May Mathematics Mastery School Development Lead, David Flynn ran a webinar on how to develop mathematical thinking in students.

Natalie Izzard, Strategic Partnerships Manager, explains the importance of formative assessment in identifying gaps to getting students back on track and how schools can get onboard with Mathematics Mastery.

This webinar was an interactive professional development session aimed at helping teachers lesson plan for when schools reopen in the ‘new normal’.

Many of our attendees expressed real enjoyment in thinking about the mathematical tasks and discussing the items as a collective.

"A very good experience, being around so many maths teachers & tutors, and learning more about how the subject should truly be taught to get the best out of students."

You can now view this webinar recording in the video player below.

How a focus on mathematical thinking can get students back on track

The recorded webinar explains how to develop strong mathematical thinking in students through techniques central to the Mathematics Mastery curriculum.

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