#Monday Maths: spotting the odd one out

Maths puzzles: Vicki Robinson, Communications Officer

#Monday Maths: spotting the odd one out

Posted: 20/02/17

This lovely little #MondayMaths puzzle is a great one to tackle with KS2 or KS3 students – as a quick Do Now task, a problem of the week or a classroom activity that they can tackle in pairs.

The puzzle links in well to a number of topics this term, when students will be becoming more confident with fractions and percentages.

From first glance, spotting the odd one out might seem easy-peasy but this task requires students to carefully and methodically identify matching fractions and percentages of quantities.

Challenging for depth

For those speedy students who crack the answer quickly, how about asking them to come up with an equal card for the odd one out?

And for even further depth, they could create their own mini selection of cards with three pairs and an odd one out to try out with a classmate.

Classroom ready

We’ve been extra helpful this week and created a downloadable resource to accompany the puzzle – and can be used in different ways, either:

  • Print out the PDF, cut it into cards and ask students to work in pairs or small groups
  • Print out a larger version to display on a whiteboard and ask the class to match one or two pairs every morning until they’ve finally found the odd one out

Download the PDF

This kind of activity can also be used for other topics where we want to master equivalences, such as square and cube numbers, or if you want to make it even more complex, factorised or expanded algebraic expressions!

Enjoy the mathematical match-making and let us know how your class get on through our
Twitter page. The answer will be up on Thursday.

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