#MondayMaths – a coordinated effort

Blog: Vicki Robinson, Communications Officer

#MondayMaths – a coordinated effort

Posted: 19/09/16

We’ve carefully coordinated this #MondayMaths puzzle – and made it a little bit trickier by not allowing the use of graph paper. We’re encouraging your students to find the mystery points by applying their understanding of coordinates.

At the beginning of this term, Year 9 students will look at plotting coordinates in all four quadrants of the Cartesian plane as part of our mastery curriculum. By the end of the unit, they should be confident in finding midpoints, endpoints and have a fundamental understanding of what coordinates mean in a two-dimensional space.

Rules of symmetry

The first two clues of the puzzle challenge a basic understanding of the notation by introducing simple lines of symmetry. Students will need to know what happens to the values of the and coordinates when translated across the axes.

Pencils at the ready

Finding E and F may require some sketching. If students understand the definitions of a rhombus and a hexagon, they should be able to find these points, but it may become less obvious in abstract notation where the points lie on the plane.

Sketching it out is a method which we practice in much of our curriculum materials, through the Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach.

Observing how students make their way through this task and which methods are applied can be useful in spotting where gaps and weaknesses are in their knowledge of coordinates.

For example, when finding point E you might become aware of those who prefer a more visual approach to these type of problems. Perhaps encourage them to find F without sketching and see how they do.

Answers are posted on Twitter every Thursday. We look forward to hearing how you get on.

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