Missing angles in #MondayMaths

Monday Maths: Vicki Robinson, Communications Officer

Missing angles in #MondayMaths

Posted: 19/12/16

Before we have a short puzzle break over the festive period, we’re dishing out one more perplexing puzzle for #MondayMaths – testing your knowledge of shapes and angles.

While there is some information provided, we’re asking our puzzle-solvers to find the missing angles.

As Year 7 will look at properties of quadrilaterals in Unit 12, this puzzle would work well as a quick brain teaser at the start of a lesson or a fun task at the end to consolidate their learning.

It would also work well as a classroom task in Year 8 as the problem requires some knowledge of angles in parallel lines, a topic that is covered in Unit 5.

Prompting your class

If you want some tips to share with your class about how to get started, ask your students:

  • What do you know about these lines on the diagram?
  • More generally, what do you know about angles in a triangle?
  • Are any of the angles the same? (see diagram below) – remind students that they can double check and verify their workings out using tracing paper!


Up for a challenge?

If you want to challenge your students further, how about asking whether they can find an alternative method – and then ask them to explain which one is more effective.

Being able to distinguish between reasoning and methods is an important skill to develop when tackling mathematical problems, as well as becoming more confident with mathematical language.

The answer will be up on our Twitter page this Thursday. Enjoy your Christmas break and we look forward to sharing more puzzle fun with you in new year!

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