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Professional development

• Ongoing, sustained and subject-specific professional development is at the heart of the Mathematics Mastery programme. A greater understanding of the principles that underpin the programme will result in an enactment of the curriculum that is closer to our intention.

• The leadership of maths course is designed so that the MMSL gains a full understanding of the dimensions of depth and what these look like in the classroom in a range of contexts. We ensure that there are opportunities for teachers to collaborate, share best practice and engage in subject-specific professional development.

Developing subject and pedagogical knowledge

• An important distinction to make when thinking about the needs of a team is between subject knowledge and pedagogical knowledge. Individuals in teams may need to develop their own understanding of parts of the subject as well thinking about the ways in which it can be taught.

• Professional development should aim to address both of these needs. We provide opportunities for both at a variety of levels, from engaging with the lesson resources to working collaboratively with teams.

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