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How does our mission inform the structure of our curriculum?

We have made decisions on how the curriculum is structured. These decisions are driven by the overarching principles described above and to enable all learners to enjoy and succeed in mathematics.

One curriculum for all

• Mathematics Mastery provides a single curriculum map that all learners are expected to follow. This means that all learners have the same access to the curriculum content and there is no ceiling imposed on what learners can achieve.

• While there is only one curriculum, we recognise that not all learners come to each lesson at the same starting point. For this reason, we provide additional resources designed to help learners access the main curriculum and also provide planning resources designed to help teachers adapt lessons to provide scaffolding and depth according to the needs of their learners.

A curriculum map organised into mastery half terms

• In the MM curriculum extended time is spent within a single area of mathematics. This allows teachers to spend more time developing learners’ conceptual understanding. It also provides opportunities to go into greater depth within a concept area and make connections with other areas of mathematics.

A cumulative curriculum

• The MM curriculum is organised to be cumulative. This means that mathematical concepts that are taught earlier in the curriculum are revisited in the context of a new area of mathematics.

• This helps learners to make connections between different mathematical concepts. Retrieving, using and applying concepts regularly, transferring to new contexts helps develop fluency as well as conceptual understanding.

The six-part lesson structure

• A six-part lesson gives a structure in which to implement the pedagogic principles of the curriculum. The different parts of the lesson allow teachers to bring the different dimensions of depth to the foreground. Having a consistent structure for each lesson ensures that learners are exposed to the pedagogies associated with each dimension.

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