The Mathematics Mastery programme

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Our partnership programme

We work with over 3,000 teachers to deliver our programme and over 97,000 pupils are taught lessons designed and developed by us.

Our partnership programme

Every child in every school can succeed in mathematics. We believe high-quality, maths-focused, professional development for teachers can make this happen.

Our programme aims to improve understanding, enjoyment and attainment in mathematics.

We focus on narrowing the achievement gap between different groups of students, as well as raising standards overall. We want all learners to share our enthusiasm for mathematics.

Our approach is based on research and internationally-recognised practice, and underpinned by key principles.

We draw on international evidence, in particular from Singapore and Shanghai, where the high value of mathematics is firmly embedded in the culture and achievement is consistently high.

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Our primary and secondary programmes include:

A mastery curriculum aligned to the 2014 National Curriculum

Our curriculum encourages learning that builds. Key mathematical concepts are taught and then applied and connected to other areas of learning throughout the year and beyond. This approach deepens understanding, and consolidates knowledge and skills.

Classroom resources which support professional development

Our partner schools gain online access to a variety of Mathematics Mastery resources. These include lesson materials, interactive whiteboard slides, task sheets and tutorials. Try examples of our classroom resources.

Professional development for teachers and senior leaders

Our professional development is delivered by our team of experts. We provide strategic training on how to implement and lead the programme within your school, as well as practical training on a range of classroom topics.

Specialist support and school visits from your Development Lead

Our partner schools are assigned a named Development Lead, who gets to know your school and provides specialist support and expertise. School visits focus on a development priority such as lesson design, action planning or observation and feedback.

Collaborative events and workshops

Collaboration between teachers is a core element of the Mathematics Mastery approach. Our programme includes termly National Leadership Days, bringing teachers together to share best practice, and develop skills and expertise. We also hold conferences, cluster workshops, research and panel activities.

A suite of assessment tools

Our programme includes a suite of assessment tools, including half-termly and end of year assessments, and support for formative assessment. We are always evolving our assessment offering, to ensure we're meeting current needs.
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What makes us unique?

Mathematics Mastery was the first organisation in the UK to adapt a Singapore style of mathematics teaching for UK schools. We bring international evidence, tried and tested classroom practice and key principles together into one rigorous structure.


Mathematics Mastery is not an ‘off the shelf’ product or scheme. We know every school is different and we take a personal approach to meet individual needs. Our partner schools are assigned a named Development Lead, who gets to know and understand the schools they work with. We provide direct support, and we welcome feedback. What teachers say


We develop curriculum resources which exemplify our mastery approach. Our materials are designed to be adapted and used flexibly within schools. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is rooted in all our resources, and they are regularly updated and refreshed in response to feedback and new developments. Try our free classroom resources


We believe teachers working together to develop skills and share their experiences is essential to success – and we support schools to make this happen. Our programme encourages teachers to set vital time aside for planning and development across teams. This enables teachers to enhance their mathematical knowledge and understanding of the mastery approach. We also support collaboration with other schools through our events, workshops, and local cluster groups. Our impact

Joining the Mathematics Mastery programme

Joining the Mathematics Mastery programme
We are only able to accept a limited number of schools into the Mathematics Mastery partnership each year.

We welcome applications from schools of any size, intake and academic performance. Our main requirement is a strong commitment and readiness to transform mathematics education.

We are recruiting schools to join the 2017-18 cohort. To find out more you can join an information session or get in touch to discuss submitting an application.



How to join

Are you ready to join the Mathematics Mastery programme?

Are you ready to join the Mathematics Mastery programme?

We are looking for schools who are ready to make a lasting change in mathematics education. The first step to joining the programme is to learn about our approach and what our programme involves. A great way to do this is joining an information session. These brief, informal sessions are held between September and April every year (in London or via webinar) and cover key aspects of the programme. They also provide an opportunity to have all your questions answered by an experienced member of our team.
Receive access to submit an application online

Receive access to submit an application online

If you are ready to apply to join our partnership, please email and we'll talk you through the process and send you a link to apply online. Our application process has two stages. A teacher is required to complete the form, before it then goes to the headteacher for additional review and submission. This process enables schools to demonstrate their commitment and readiness for the programme, and their alignment to the Mathematics Mastery approach. We strongly encourage schools to take time to understand how our programme works before submitting an application.
Applications are assessed by the Mathematics Mastery team

Applications are assessed by the Mathematics Mastery team

Once you've submitted your application, we aim to notify you of our decision within four working weeks. From time to time, we'll need to get in touch for further information before a decision is made. As we recruit on a rolling basis, on rare occasions schools will be waitlisted if we are oversubscribed. After acceptance, schools are welcomed into the partnership and further details of the programme (along with training information and key dates) will be issued.
New partner schools are inducted into the programme before commencing

New partner schools are inducted into the programme before commencing

Following acceptance into the partnership, schools are required to attend summer induction training. These sessions take place between April and July each year, ensuring teachers are ready to lead and drive the programme at the start of the new academic year.
Your Mathematics Mastery journey officially begins

Your Mathematics Mastery journey officially begins

New partner schools officially begin the programme in the new academic year. In primary, the programme usually begins in Year 1 and in secondary, the programme begins in Year 7. Ongoing support, events and training take place throughout the year.
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