Help and guidance on accessing our webinars

Our webinars are simple to watch...

...but we're aware school IT infrastructure can be restrictive.

Our webinars are broadcast via YouTube Live Streaming. YouTube has clever functionality that figures out what system you’re using and adapts automatically. In most circumstances, you’ll encounter no problems. But just in case, please do double-check ahead of time whether your computer or device is compatible.

Follow our very quick guide below to check you can tune in.

Getting ready to watch our webinars

Webinars stream OK

ALL IS WELL: If you see this when viewing our test stream then everything is working correctly and you are ready to go.

Webinars stream error

SOMETHING’S WRONG: If you see this when viewing our test stream then you are not ready to watch the webinar.

Check you can access our test webinar over on our YouTube channel.

arrowIf everything is OK, the test video should look like this. You’ll see the date, timing and the words ‘Watch this live stream’.

arrowIf you see an error message, you will not be able to watch the webinar.
Don’t worry, there should be an easy solution. Try following the below:

  1. Try changing to a different browser. If you’re using Internet Explorer, try using Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Ensure you’re using the latest version of your browser. A quick update might solve the problem.
  3. If you’re watching at school, check with your IT department to see if they help you.

Tried all this and still can’t watch? Try switching your device to a mobile or tablet. Just forward our registration email to your device and follow the link.

Make sure you have a Google account so you can ask questions

We have a live chat window open alongside the video stream.

You can use it to ask our presenter(s) questions during the Q&A section of the webinar.

To use the chat you’ll need to log in with a Google account, which you can get for free.

What should the page look like if everything is correct?

Holding page: before the webinar goes live If you're early and log on before we're due to broadcast, you'll land on our holding page. Don't worry – you're in the right place. As soon as the webinar starts, the video will appear on your screens. Just sit tight, take a sip of tea and settle in.
Broadcast page: when we're live and streaming During broadcast, the webinar page will show the live video on the left and a chat window on the right. Remember you'll need a Google account to participate in the chat.
Followed all these steps but still having technical issues?

Followed all these steps but still having technical issues?

Please do let us know if you experience any problems accessing the live stream as the more we know about your experiences, the more we'll be able to help make things easier in future. Contact us
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