Our secondary programme

Professional development is at the heart of our programme. We empower and equip teachers to transform mathematics education for all learners.

How to join the partnership

Where the secondary programme begins

Secondary schools begin the Mathematics Mastery programme in Year 7. Each year, the teaching programme is then continued into the next year group.

Mathematics Mastery is designed as a long-term approach, with impact building over time. We aim for our partner schools to eventually adopt the approach in all year groups, transforming mathematics teaching and learning across the entire school.

A mastery curriculum - learning that builds

The Mathematics Mastery curriculum is developed by our team of experts and refreshed each year. We provide detailed programmes of study, focusing on depth of understanding, to encourage learning that builds.

Our curriculum framework is fully aligned to the 2014 National Curriculum, and is overseen by our Director, Dr Helen Drury, who was a member of the National Curriculum drafting team.

We listen to feedback from teachers and rigorously evaluate progress each year. This learning is used to improve our programmes of study year on year.

Classroom resources

We provide a wide selection of secondary resources, designed by our team of specialists. We know how much the needs of teachers and students can vary, so we prioritise making our resources flexible and adaptable.

In all year groups we provide curriculum packs enabling teachers to design their own lessons. Additionally in Year 7, we provide example materials for every maths lesson of the year.

All of our key principles, along with every single recommendation we make in our training, are fully integrated into our resources.

We know creating lesson materials is time-consuming, so we provide resources in PowerPoint, SMART Board and Activ Inspire formats.

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All students follow the same curriculum. We focus on challenging students through depth within a topic, rather than new content. To support this, we provide a range of depth tasks and activities, designed to stretch higher attaining students.

For students who are struggling or have gaps in knowledge, we provide detailed coaching materials. These are designed to be delivered by non-specialists if necessary, and enable students to catch up and keep up with the curriculum.

Our programme incorporates the Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach to deepen and reinforce student’s conceptual understanding. To support lesson planning, we provide a range of ideas on using concrete and pictorial representations for all mathematical topics.

All our classroom resources are made available through the Toolkit – our online hub for Mathematics Mastery partner schools.

Through the Toolkit teachers can also refresh their subject knowledge through e-learning modules and connect with other teachers via the forums.

The Toolkit is constantly developed and updated to meet our partners’ needs.

Professional development

Leading a coherent, whole-school approach to mathematics is as challenging as it is vital.

Our training ensures headteachers, senior leaders and maths teachers are fully up to speed on our approach, and equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver the programme in the classroom.

In a school’s first year in the partnership, training focuses on key principles, programme structure and strategic implementation.

Headteachers or senior leaders are given induction training, focusing on the rationale behind the mastery approach and the practicalities of the programme. Sessions cover how mathematics teaching and learning will be different in your school, and how to deal with potential challenges.

This is followed by induction training for your ‘Mathematics Mastery School Lead’ – the teacher designated to lead the programme internally. They will learn about the approach in depth, and understand how to lead the change at a departmental level and develop a culture of collaborative planning.

The final stage of induction training is a practical classroom-focused workshop for the whole maths department to attend together.

After this, we offer a training menu covering a wealth of topics. Sessions are timed to give you the support and development you need, exactly when you need it.


Departmental Workshops are the key driver of professional development in the Mathematics Mastery secondary programme. 

These vital sessions encourage and support teachers to share expertise, and collaborate on lesson planning.

We provide detailed guidance on running Departmental Workshops. Our expectation is that teachers will spend at least one hour together, per week, planning how to deliver the Mathematics Mastery programme in their schools.

Departmental Workshops enable teachers to adapt and plan successful mathematics lessons – meeting the needs of all students. Teachers are encouraged to identify potential difficulties which may arise, as well as consider the key elements of a great lesson, such as differentiation, questioning, language and use of representations.

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Assessment tools

The Mathematics Mastery approach encourages continuous assessment for learning. From the beginning of every lesson, teachers are assessing what their students do and don’t understand, and using this to inform the direction of the lesson. We support teachers to build lessons which address potential difficulties immediately, whilst ensuring higher attaining students are appropriately challenged.

We have produced a set of Key Constructs for each year group. These highlight significant areas of our curriculum, which support students in developing mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

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To support assessment for learning, our programme provides pre-learning and post-learning module assessments, structured around the Key Constructs for each year group. These optional half-termly tests give teachers an indication of student understanding and progress, and guide planning of high quality lessons.

Our programme includes three end of year assessment papers which can be used flexibly, depending on the needs of students.

An ‘essentials’ paper is intended for all students to take, and confirms readiness for the following year. Our ‘depth’ paper is an opportunity to explore richer problem-solving questions and the ‘fluency’ paper tests core skills.

We are currently developing the Mathematics Mastery ‘Gradebook’ – a bespoke online tracking tool to help schools monitor progress and support formative assessment.

The Gradebook creates individual mark sheets with a variety of analytics, based on data from a school’s Management Information System. This is being piloted among our current Year 7 cohort, and will roll out into other year groups.

Coaching and mentoring

Our partner schools are assigned a named Development Lead, who gets to know your school and understand your needs.

Meeting our team at summer induction training is the start of an ongoing relationship which strengthens throughout each year.

Your Development Lead will be in regular contact and will visit your school at least twice in the first year. They listen and respond to concerns, and work with you to co-develop plans and ensure the programme meets your needs. School visits focus on a development priority for your school, such as lesson design, action planning or observation and feedback.

Collaborative events and workshops

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Mathematics Mastery School Leads attend National Leadership Days once a term. These events bring all our secondary schools together, along with the Mathematics Mastery team, to engage in knowledge sharing and programme development

We also hold conferences, featuring practical workshops on topical issues and a range of speakers – from mathematics specialists to eminent headteachers.

We truly value the collaborative nature of the partnership. All our events and workshops provide opportunities for feedback and enable teachers to work together. We’re often told this is a real highlight of the partnership.

Are you ready to transform mathematics education in your school?

Are you ready to transform mathematics education in your school?

We partner with schools who are ready to make a long-term commitment to transforming mathematics education. Each year we accept a limited number of new schools into the Mathematics Mastery partnership. How to join
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