Tips for applying

We want schools to demonstrate their commitment and readiness to begin the programme. We encourage you to consider these tips before you apply.

How to join

Submitting a high quality application

Schools must demonstrate their commitment to the aims and principles of Mathematics Mastery, and their suitability to join the programme at this time.

We look for clear, relevant examples of how your school develops mathematics teaching already. We want you to explain how a place in the partnership will help your school achieve its goals and address its challenges. It is crucial to provide enough detail and evidence for us to to accurately assess your application.

Key points to consider

<strong>Senior leadership</strong> We know from experience that our programme is much more successful in schools where senior leaders are fully on board with the approach, principles and aims of Mathematics Mastery.

In your application, you must demonstrate the commitment of your senior leaders. In particular, we want to see examples of how your school supports the professional development of teachers.

We also want to understand how your school will allocate time to implement the programme; ensuring staff are supported.
<strong>Challenges</strong> Different schools face different challenges – whether it’s high rates of socio-economic deprivation, staff turnover or lack of specialist mathematics teachers.

The Mathematics Mastery programme can be intensive in its first year and present challenges of its own, as staff adapt to the new approach.

It is crucial for you to demonstrate your readiness to take on the programme at this point in time. Consider the particular challenges facing your school, and how these could impact your experience on the Mathematics Mastery programme. We also want you to outline the steps you’ll take to address these challenges.
<strong>Mastery approach</strong> The term ‘mastery’ has become prominent in recent years and many schools are familiar with certain mastery principles. We encourage you to tell us what you’ve done so far to adopt a ‘teaching for mastery' approach within your school.

Most importantly, we want you to demonstrate your commitment to our key principles of our approach. We look for clear examples of how your school is aligned to our ethos.

For example, how does your school demonstrate its belief that every child can succeed in mathematics? What does your school do to ensure pupils develop a deep conceptual understanding of key mathematical ideas?
<strong>Transformation</strong> It's important to familiarise yourself with our overarching vision and mission. Show us the steps your school is taking to transform mathematics education.

For example, how are you tackling the attainment gap in mathematics? What are you doing to raise achievement in mathematics overall? How do you encourage more pupils to enjoy and engage with their mathematics learning?
<strong>Collaboration</strong> When a school begins the Mathematics Mastery programme, they are not simply adopting a new scheme of work. Rather, they are joining a growing partnership of schools all working together to transform mathematics education in the UK.

We look for partner schools who can clearly demonstrate their willingness to collaborate – both with us and with other schools.

Examples of teacher collaboration (both internal and external) are particularly relevant. Do your teachers regularly meet to plan lessons together? Is your school part of a local network who share expertise and best practice on mathematics teaching?

What teachers say about us

“The progress of our Year 10s has been astounding compared to previous year groups”
Becky Steer | Head of Maths, Charter Academy
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Are you ready to join the partnership?

Are you ready to join the partnership?

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